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Black Silicone Shisha Bowl + Pan Set


This innovative German design is guaranteed to simplify your hookah experience. The silicone-based bowl is made of 100% food grade consumer-safe silicone, which renders the bowl virtually indestructible. You can drop it, knock it over, or throw it to your dog – the Silicon shisha Bowl will remain unbowed, unbent, and unbroken.

  Even with its unbreakable design, the Silikon Hookah Bowl material is able to withstand the heat given off by shisha coals – there is no need to worry about the bowl being heat-damaged or melting. Bowl preparation is just like any regular shisha bowl.

Now with the tray, there's no need to place foil over the head and waste time making holes using a toothpick! The coal can now be replaced with ease - just put charcoalonto the pan, and the pan onto the shisha bowl. When ready to replace the ashed coals, use the layered edge of the pan to remove it and empty the used coal and replace with the new (caution must be taken as the metal part may be HOT).

You may still want to use foil or you may not! Up to you. Ensure the bowl fits within the coal holder pan. (6.5cm diameter or below).

The pan also acts as a barrier, preventing coal from falling and retaining ash!


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