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Murano Natural Coconut Charcoal - 72pcs


Murano has revolutionised the charcoal industry since its launch in 2008 and since then has been used globally on both commercial and personal levels.


Murano charcoal has been specifically formed in terms of essence, odour and taste to work best with the leading tobacco products to ensure that flavour is not at all compromised. This way, users gain the most pleasure from each and every experience. This is also one of the reasons why the demand for this particular charcoal is ever-growing, especially with all of the larger and well known shisha bars in the UK.


Also, not only does this charcoal produce zero ignition sparks, it is also the most environmentally friendly charcoal in the market – all produced without the need of trees. A few other Murano facts:


o It is 100% Eco-friendly


o Duration 1.5 hours


o free from unwanted odours and tastes


o Smooth burning


o 0% chemicals


o less than 5% ash


o It is 100% encapsulated in coconut shell




The ideal way to ignite this coconut shell charcoal is to put it on the gas cooker or electric hob for 3-5 minutes until it is glowing. Do not handle the coal when it is hot and glowing; always use your tongs to avoid burns.

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