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Myshisha is pleased to present to you an authentic Egyptian handcrafted collectible shishas, also known throughout the world as argile, narghile, shisha, or ghayloon.These unique pipes where handcrafted and imported from Egypt, the motherland of hookahs, At we hand pick all our pipes to provide you with the best quality shishas.

Important Information About Authentic Handcrafted Egyptian Hookahs: 

An authentic Egyptian hookah is a traditional device handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who use centuries-old traditional methods. Before you purchase one, please remember that human hands cannot match the precision of machinery! While a hookah machine made in china may look perfect, its a good idea to keep in mind the old saying about judging a book by its cover. Egyptian hookahs set the industry standard and can be found, in both authentic and copy-cat forms, around the world as a result. in addition to lacking durability, machine manufactured hookahs miss the charm and artistry that the human touch adds to the traditionally made ones. Authentic Egyptian hookahs will meet the expectations of people who appreciate the beauty of handcrafted items; however, they will not satisfy someone looking for flawless high-tech manufacturing.

Clay bowls are potted, glazed and fired by hand and do not look machine made to perfection and may have small chips which will not effect the smoke in anyway.

Glass bases are mouth blown and sometimes have air bubbles as evidence of this fact and also the pattern may differ from the one seen in the pictures and may have small chips. 

Artisans hand paint each glass base, making every one as unique as the artist. This results in a 100% unique finished produce that may not look identical to the photo. it also means that sometimes the paint may have a slight smudge, a line may not be perfectly straight, or you may see the artists brush strokes.

Shafts are formed and assembled by hand, so you may see welds at the hose ports and check valve.

shisha sizes may differ +/-1 due to slight variances in the height of the clay bowls.  

Features a Khalil Mamoon stainless steel shaft with 1 hose port(s), a release valve, and a tray.

The traditional shaped base is made from clear glass that has been hand painted.

Khalil mamoon hose(s) measuring approximately 68 inches from end to end.  

The traditional Egyptian style head is made from hand potted, fired and glazed Egyptian clay taken from the Nile river.

Please keep in mind that these are hand made pipes and they sometimes may appear with a little difference and also the vase, hose and tray pattern may be different than the ones seen in the pictures even if stated as seen but it will be the same model.

Included with the shishas are all of the following items, even if they do not appear in the photo: a custom fitted shaft grommet, clay bowl ( also called the head ), head seal, hose seal(s), tray, metal charcoal tongs.





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